The renovation to the Carolina Civic Center is the most comprehensive in the theater’s long history, and is intended to bring the facility back not only to full functionality but also as close as possible to its original look and feel.

The improvements made possible through this renovation will enable the Civic Center to broaden its programming and more fully serve the public. While many of the improvements are “behind the walls” others will be very visible to the public and our renters. These include:

  • New climate control systems will greatly enhance the public’s enjoyment of the venue. Comfortable AND quiet!
  • Expanded concessions, including gourmet coffee, wine and beer and a second concession stand in mezzanine lobby
  • Refurbished dressing rooms, green room and offices – new paint and carpeting throughout
  • Multi-purpose community room for presentations, lectures, films and meetings.

Our programming, also, will be expanded to meet the needs and expectations of the whole community:

  • Diversified programming for and from the whole community: Including cultural offerings that can be appreciated and shared by the Native American, African American and Latinos communities.
  • Ongoing film series: New digital projection and sound equipment and large screen will allow us to show classic and contemporary films on a continuous basis.
  • Community forums: Election debates, unity forums and documentary film series that explore that explore challenges and solutions within our community.
  • Regional artwork: Expanded main and mezzanine lobbies, and proposed coffee house/second stage will feature artwork by regional artists. These shows will incorporate receptions, sponsorships and the commissioned sale of artwork – additional revenue sources.

All of these improvements are intended to keep the theater open more constantly to provide opportunities for audiences to visit us – and historic Downtown Lumberton.